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There are times when you cannot escape the stark reality that life is short. In those moments, when you are stripped of all excuses and your eyes are wide open to what really matters, you vow to make sure that you live each moment forward treasuring the precious gifts entrusted to you. At times this is so strikingly clear that you almost feel anger at all of those around you who are ignoring what is so vibrantly clear.

Often, thankfully, life’s momentum begins again. Slowly the pulls and tugs of daily living creep up and dull the clarity that you had just a short moment ago.

The writings on this blog are intended to bring a pause to the momentum and revive the knowledge that life is our gift to enjoy. These posts are not answers, but questions. It is my hope that together we can engage in conversation and help each other treasure the gifts we have been given.

I’m likely not all that different from you. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a personal history that contains moments of deep pain.

Yet I am not:

  • a doctor
  • a clinical level trained psychologist
  • a theologian
  • a philosopher

I am:

  • a woman
  • a believer and reader of the Bible
  • a wife of 17 years
  • a mother of two teens
  • a university graduate with a BA in psychology
  • a volunteer
  • a member of the workforce
  • a reader
  • a knitter
  • a Canadian

I have lived with:

  • poverty
  • depression
  • death
  • suicide
  • theft
  • faith
  • hope

For me one of the greatest ways to have a better perspective on life is to volunteer. I have spent many years working side-by-side my neighbours, teaching what I can and learning even more. I’ve also volunteered on a Distress call line and spent many hours in one-on-one mentoring and coaching. By profession I work in administration, leadership and management type roles.

I was born and raised in Bangladesh by two Christians who worked in international community development, specializing in agriculture. The day after my 13th birthday we flew back to my home country of Canada. Perhaps my childhood prepared me for the first decade of my marriage where my husband and I, unable to find work in our fields of education, lived below Canada’s equivalent to the poverty line (the LICO). We were really blessed that we were able to manage a farm for my uncle and live surrounded by Old Order Amish families. During that time we were literally fed by the community. Our children were born during that time period and I think it was because of community support that I managed to overcome some strong post-partum depression. Depression, they say is not genetic, and yet there are many in our family that struggle with this battle.

After we moved from the not so rural Ontario countryside to an Ontario Golden-horseshoe city, we again worked hard at becoming integrated in our community. Two years after our move to the city,  my husband’s mother committed suicide. At the same time, my parents left to serve in Cambodia. To add to the difficulties our years of near poverty and student loans led to an extremely difficult financial decision. After making that decision, our bikes and car were stolen. Shortly afterward an attempt was made to burgle our home as well. The result was that we felt extremely vulnerable and, practically speaking, we became a family who cycled everywhere overnight which lasted for just over half a year while we scrambled to save enough to buy a car.

Yet, through all of that we felt upheld by our faith. We felt surrounded by HOPE that was definitely not coming from within. It is from these experiences that I’ve come to a realization that I can choose to live life fully aware of the gifts that I have been granted. And it is from these experiences that I’m motivated to continually challenge myself and my assumptions!

To conclude, thank you so much for choosing to spend some of your time with me. I truly hope that you feel welcome here. But a conversation only happens when two people converse. Please do leave your thoughts in the comments! Or how about introducing yourself? You can write to me at info (at) birdysview (dot) com, or use the social media tag of your choice. You may also leave a comment below; please keep your safety in mind.

Blessings to you.

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