Process, Structure & Routine

I distinctly remember yelling “I HATE ROUTINES” at my father when I was a teenager. I was determined to be creative, free-spirited, and independent from rules and structures. Yet, as a child of two highly organized, productive and confident Type-A parents, I ran into: routines structure order process I was 8 when I was first introduced to the concept of reactive vs proactive. I was encouraged to read Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and introduced to the concept of the 4 quadrants. But I lived in a world of Anne of Green Gables, The Narnia Chronicles, Sherlock Holmes…

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Made to Measure?

People love to measure. Don’t believe me? Have you ever: taken a silly Facebook quiz to “find your type?” caught your reflection in a window and then discretely snuck back to take a more critical look? found yourself complaining about yourself? made a comment about someone or something that was remotely judgemental? I find that most of the time I’m the subject of my own measuring, and I do make comments about others. Thinking about it carefully, I am likely equally critical of others and myself but I’m too verbal about the commentary on others. We are in the process…

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It isn’t 50/50?!

“And that, in essence, is the core difficulty of decision making:

What’s in the spotlight will rarely be everything we need to make a good decision, but we won’t always remember to shift the light.”Decisive, Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Decisive, by brothers’ Chip and Dan Heath is one e-book that I have read several times since its March 2013 publication. That time in my life happened to be a very busy point and I was discontent with the status quo yet unable to put my finger on the reason. On a trip to Cambodia to visit my parents, I was fortunate enough to be able to devour this excellent book thanks to one very long 17 hour flight. Continue reading