Congregational Prayer Index

In 2013 I was asked to consider leading our Congregational Prayer on occasion. This was not an easy thing for me to agree to for several reasons. First, I have had a life-long struggle with stage fright. Second, I have a perhaps incorrectly heightened awareness of the significance of praying on behalf of a group. This was because of my childhood spent overseas where theology was often the topic of conversations. Finally, I didn’t think I had the time to give justice to the responsibility.

But, I felt that perhaps I needed to accept the challenge. I have felt a calling to leadership, in various forms, and if I couldn’t pray publicly then perhaps I needed to reconsider if that was a true calling or just a personal desire.

I wrote my first congregational prayer. That one was written in a journal and I still have it. Since then I realized that I type much faster than I write and I can revise, edit and rearrange my thoughts via computer.

People have requested copies of the prayers and often I just handed them my printout for that day. Initially I didn’t often save the prayers. People had also requested I post the prayers on a blog, and I’ve been quite reluctant to accommodate. Mainly because I don’t feel right doing it. But with encouragement, I have agreed to post what I have and will commit to adding the new prayers as they come.

This index will list the prayers by date. Perhaps I will be able to better index them later. Also, I will attempt to write out how these prayers are written and when that is done, I will add that to this index.

Please accept my apologies for errors, repetition and poor theology. These prayers are written to be spoken. I can assure you that I don’t pray them as written. Often I will sit with them and make adjustments as the sermon is given that day.




August 18, 2013 –  Morning has Broken (the first prayer)

March 30, 2014 – For Community

November 30, 2014 – For Leaders and the Persecuted Church

June 28, 2015 – In the Raindrop

February 28, 2016 – Of Baptism and Confession

October 2, 2016 – Do Not Worry


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