It isn’t 50/50?!

“And that, in essence, is the core difficulty of decision making:

What’s in the spotlight will rarely be everything we need to make a good decision, but we won’t always remember to shift the light.”Decisive, Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Decisive, by brothers’ Chip and Dan Heath is one e-book that I have read several times since its March 2013 publication. That time in my life happened to be a very busy point and I was discontent with the status quo yet unable to put my finger on the reason. On a trip to Cambodia to visit my parents, I was fortunate enough to be able to devour this excellent book thanks to one very long 17 hour flight.

Chip and Dan Heath are known for taking a research strong approach to a variety of topics that were of great interest to the corporate management clients through my employer, the consulting firm. I had read their books Made to Stick and Switch and had signed up eagerly for an early release of Decisive.Decisive

How often have you wished for a better way to make decisions? Have you ever wished to confidently choose the right option of several available to you?

Decisive outlines a carefully researched process that can help you avoid several decision-making biases that everyone commits – Fortune 500 or the person sitting in your seat.

Presented through a combination of real examples and questions, their style is very easy to read and full of sections you are going to want to highlight and place as post-its all over your desk. They present “Six Simple Questions that yield better results” that I have carefully hand printed into every task/agenda work notebook since.

I have brought up the six simple questions, carefully reworded to be appropriate for the situation, on many a distress line support call. During mentorship conversations, I find that I’m often referring to themes from Decisive.

And it is because of these reasons that I wanted to make this book the subject of my first review here at Birdy’s View. Note: it is from a position of great respect that I have not included their questions here in written form. If you know me in person, I would be happy to loan you my spare eReader so that you could read my copy. Also, it is a very popular book and I am positive you could likely find it at the local library.

Read it! Enjoy it! and then, show your appreciation for their work and buy a copy.

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