Morning has Broken

A Congregational Prayer written for August 18, 2013

Inspiration taken from Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens

Dear Lord,

This morning has broken, the birds have spoken, and we all woke in our homes and prepared ourselves, individually, to come here.

Here, together, to worship you, Worship the King! Together we declare that you are the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Lord, you’ve called us to be one. May we learn to do so and through it show our family, our neighbours, our co-workers and our community the love that you have for them. Lord, as one, we ask for your blessing, guidance, grace and healing.

We bring before you:

[insert specific prayer requests here]

Lord, teach us how to serve each other in this unity we learned about today. Guide our actions, direct us so that we can be intentional in building unity. Speak in our thoughts so that we cannot ignore or push down the opportunities to serve our larger community. Dear Lord, help us to remember that we should Be Bold for, you, the Lord our God is with us. And Lord as we came here today – in one’s, two’s, three’s or more – we will leave this building, this very visible reminder of unity, individually.

Lord as we go into this week, into the path’s we are called to walk, help us remember that you want the world to see you in our unity.

We pray for our world. For those we see at the grocery stores and restaurants, preparing food that you have provided. Be with those who manage the money we use to buy the food. And, as we drive home, Lord help us to stop our busy minds and pray for those who build our city and roads. Those who make our cars and other kinds of transportation. Be with those who make the rules that keep our society orderly and functioning.

It can feel overwhelming, when we think of how we are called to represent you, so help us remember:

We will work with each other,

we will work side by side.

We will walk with each other,

we will walk hand in hand.

And together help us spread the news that you are in our land.

Let us be one in the spirit, make us one in the Lord. So they may know we are Christians by our love.*


*paraphrased from They’ll Know We are Christians by our Love by Carolyn Arends. As a child, many of us serving in Bangladesh would gather on Friday’s to worship. This and many, many songs were sung by us in fellowship. You’ll likely see that I wrap lyrics into my prayers often.

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  1. This is the first time I have ever replied to something I read. I would like to thank you for posting your congregational prayers. I have been leading the prayer in our church 4 times a year for the past 14 years or so and to read yours is encouraging and revitalizing. I will pray that a scripture passage or song will speak to me and that I will be bold enough to read it before I lead a future prayer.

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