Our Good, Good Father

[Written for January 22, 2017]

Hamilton/Burlington Bay, Ontario, Canada

Dear Father God,

You are a good, good father. Your word shows this to us again and again. How you have worked throughout history, through times of plenty and times of little, through natural disasters and through human created catastrophes, through all kinds of leadership … because you are not limited or confined by any of them.

These are our creations and things of our own importance.

By your grace we get to make choices, have independent thoughts and opinions, and the amazing wonder of all of it is that you reassure us that in all of the chaos that might be created by us – your plan for us and for this world is in your hands and is moving forward.

Dear God, we have to be blunt, this is not something that we can understand or remember easily.

We question it constantly when we see hurt, harm and destruction. We feel compassion, empathy and are motivated to action – all of which are good and actions that you call us to take. Then we seek to explain, use logic and to place blame. We question and get angry with you – the Psalms are full of laments and the cries why have you forsaken and abandoned me?

Seeking to comfort each other we are quick to say things like, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” or “in everything a purpose,” or “have you examined yourself and seen where you are being called to correction?”

What do you say? In Matthew 6 you tell us not to worry. To seek first your kingdom and your righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Our desires for answers, explanation and for justice are not wrong – rather a prompting that should send us to you.

To you where we can learn, where we can learn that you are not limited to what we can handle. That you will never leave nor forsake us; you work through everything and are in everything yet the effects of humanities sinful choices are affecting this world that you created for goo. And that yes, we do have room for growth and development but that this message is not the purpose of our current pain.

You are a good, good father and you loved this world so much that your son was sent to redeem us and it.

In that knowledge we bring our cares and concerns to you.
We bring before you our concerns for this world that we live in – the political, economic and very much people created daily activities. Speculation and forecasting of armchair critics are creating much worry, taking many resources and time. Through global newscasts we see that war and fighting are not stopping. That abusive behavior and harm to the lowest members of our society is not stopping or slowing down.

And while it is harder to see here in Canada, injustice and poverty have not been eliminated. Corrupt leadership continues and personal agendas are as present today as in any moment of history. The big picture is full of much to cause worry! Help us place these down at you feet, remaining aware and alert to your call in how we are to address these problems, yet without being crippled by worrying into paralysis.

Your kingdom come, your will be done.

We bring before you the worries and burdens that we carry when we think of our family members that are not living in faith. We see their struggles and wish for them to share the faith we live imperfectly. Grant to us your guidance as we pray for these loved ones. Grant us the confidence to place them in your hands and the wisdom to know when and how to balance our faith and conviction desire to minister to, love for them.

Lord, we bring before you our concerns for our friends and community.
[Insert prayers by name here].

You are a good, good father. You speak into the darkness and there was light. When the choices were made in the garden to disobey your commands and creation became distorted through the effects of sin, we were turned out – not alone but with a promise. It took many human life times but that promise was fulfilled. And now we live in a time where a new promise is in the process of being fulfilled.

You are a good, good father. You have called us. We are responding, by your grace, Amen.

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