Made to Measure?

People love to measure. Don’t believe me? Have you ever: taken a silly Facebook quiz to “find your type?” caught your reflection in a window and then discretely snuck back to take a more critical look? found yourself complaining about yourself? made a comment about someone or something that was remotely judgemental? I find that most of the time I’m the subject of my own measuring, and I do make comments about others. Thinking about it carefully, I am likely equally critical of others and myself but I’m too verbal about the commentary on others. We are in the process…

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It isn’t 50/50?!

“And that, in essence, is the core difficulty of decision making:

What’s in the spotlight will rarely be everything we need to make a good decision, but we won’t always remember to shift the light.”Decisive, Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Decisive, by brothers’ Chip and Dan Heath is one e-book that I have read several times since its March 2013 publication. That time in my life happened to be a very busy point and I was discontent with the status quo yet unable to put my finger on the reason. On a trip to Cambodia to visit my parents, I was fortunate enough to be able to devour this excellent book thanks to one very long 17 hour flight. Continue reading


Welcome to Birdy’s View! There are times when you cannot escape the stark reality that life is short. In those moments, when you are stripped of all excuses and your eyes are wide open to what really matters, you vow to make sure that you live each moment forward treasuring the precious gifts entrusted to you. At times this is so strikingly clear that you almost feel anger at all of those around you who are ignoring what is so vibrantly clear. Often, thankfully, life’s momentum begins again. Slowly the pulls and tugs of daily living creep up and dull the clarity that you…

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